Friday, July 5, 2013

Stay at home mom mishaps

Okay another question for all you stay at home moms and or stay at home wives. I am terrible at keeping the kitchen clean. I hated the chore when I was younger and I still hate it now. Then when my Kitchen is a mess I convince myself I cannot clean the rest of the house until the Kitchen is done. HELP!! How do you all do it??

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  1. I struggle with this too, but i might have some tips! i always get really tired after eating dinner so i never want to clean up the crazy mess i've made in the kitchen cooking said dinner. I started taking 5 minutes once the meal was ready, prepared, and on our plates to put most of the things away (pans put in the sink, salad dressing back in the fridge, etc) before sitting down to dinner. Yes sometimes it means the food gets cold and i have to pop the plates in the microwave real quick but its so worth it when after eating all i have to do is put our cups and plates in the sink and i can relax with a full stomach. Also my husband and i take 5 min (if that!) to put away clutter and tidy up the living room/kitchen (hanging up sweaters, putting stray cups in the sink) each night right before bed. Waking up to a tidy house makes it seem a lot less daunting of a task to start the dishes the next morning. These seem to help me :)