Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Last couple days!

So lets see what has been going on since the last time I made a post. Well first it was Sunday which was an awesome day. I love going to Church and learning from all the speakers and teachers. This last Sunday was Fast and Testimony meeting. This is a meeting where the members can get up during our Sacrament Meeting and bare their testimonies to the ward. I love hearing people bare their testimonies. The only hard thing lately has been that Jesse has a hard time sitting through that meeting. I am trying to make him a quite book but have been struggling with it. Any good ideas to help your child during Sacrament Meeting?

On Monday I went to my Doctors appointment and got to listen to the heart beat. The Ultra Sound looked great and my measurements and baby's heart beat were right on. The Doctor did say I could have another Ultra Sound but not until my 24 week check up which is the first week of Aug. I was a little sad that we could not find out before our vacation next week but at least we will get to find out. The Doctor also said that by that time its a little harder for baby to hide. I sure hope that's right!!

Tuesday we did not really do to much. I did however get a good amount of cleaning in my Kitchen done! Yay finally. Now I am on to the bathroom and then the bedrooms. When I walk into my house and can see there are no dirty dishes it sure does make me happy!

Today my sweet boy and I went on a walk and then later in the afternoon the whole family went and through rocks into the canal. My little guy loves doing that. Now my Husband is working and baby is napping so once I am done here I will go clean that bathroom.

I have been feeling baby move a lot more lately and that is a lot of fun. It does seem however that the baby is already preparing me for when he or she comes. My son goes to bed and then that is when I really start to feel the baby move. I feel like that is how my life will be when the baby comes out. My son goes to bed and then baby will think it is time to play!! I like to tell people that once you forget what it was like to be pregnant that is when you start trying for another one!

Well I should really get to that bathroom before my son decides to get up!

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