Tuesday, July 16, 2013


This has been one crazy week so far. Sunday was awesome I got to go to church with my sweet family and then I also got to attend another ward because of my calling. I love being in the primary. The children are so important. I believe and I know that children are so important to Jesus Christ. I love the pictures of Him surrounded by children. I know that family is the center of the plan of happiness.

Monday was a big day. I cleaned out my room, and started on the kitchen. We have a built in desk that we keep our T.V. on and we had another desk that had our desk top on it. Well our apartment is not that big and the desk with the desk top was taking up way to much room. We decided to hook up our tower to our T.V. and sell the desk. Now I can have my table open and used for what a table is meant to be used for. between Monday and Today my house is the cleanest its been in a long time. My bathroom is reorganized and cleaned out my bedroom is clean under the bed too, and my kitchen and living room look awesome!!! I can now leave on vacation on Thursday.

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