Saturday, July 6, 2013

Fun and Busy Day!

Today was a fun yet busy day. I had the opportunity to help host a baby shower for one of my closest friends Lauren. It was fun and I had a blast helping with it. Then my husband and I took our sweet boy to the water park here in town. He had a lot of fun but a storm came and so it was really cold when we got out of the water. Then since there was a little Thunder they made everyone get out of the water so we decided to leave then. Our little guy was still too cold anyways. We really want to bring him back one more time this Summer.

Tomorrow I have a meeting for Church at 7:30 I just hope I wake up to my alarm. It will be great we have not had a chance to meet in a while so it will be good to meet and discuss all the Children and Primaries in our stake. is a great site to look up some of the words I just used! Then I will come back home and make sure my boys are ready to go and we will go to Church. I am excited because the class Teaching No Greater Call just started and my Husband and I love going to that class together.

I am feeling the baby kick or move more and more and I am excited for my Doctors appointment on Monday. I hope He will let us get another Ultra Sound to see if we can find out the Gender of the baby. If we do not get to find out then I guess we will just have to wait and be surprised. Well I am off to bed I have to get up early tomorrow =)

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