Thursday, July 4, 2013

4th of July

We had one busy day today. We went to the parade and my sweet boy only lasted for the first five min of the parade before he had, had enough. We did get there about an hour before it started and then it took almost an hour for the parade to get to where we were sitting. Well we went home and let him take a nap and once he was up we packed a lunch and walked to the nature park and had a little picnic. It was while we were there that we discovered he is getting some more teeth. He did not like when we stopped to eat but once we were moving he was just fine. After nature park we came home to cool down and then not long after that we left again to go to our Church activity. We all had a lot of fun there. Once we got home we cleaned the living room and built a fort with our couch and pillows in the hallway. I think my husband might have had more fun than our son haha.

I decided that since we have our Family Home Evening on Thursdays (Since my husband works on Mondays) that we would call it Family Home Evening Fort night. We are going to build a fort on Thursdays and have our FHE in it. It worked well tonight. It is awesome to see our sweet boy fold his arms when we say its time for prayer. I really believe that he watches everything we do and learns so much more from our example than anything else. It makes me more aware that I really need to be careful with what I do and what I say so that he always has a good example to look up too.

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